Prosthetic Joint Infection: Types, Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Prosthetic Joint Infection

The goal of joint replacement surgery, which is a popular orthopaedic procedure, is to use prosthetics to reduce pain and restore function to injured joints. The knee and hip joints are the ones that are replaced the most frequently. Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and traumatic joint injuries are all conditions that can require joint replacement. One … Read more

Knee Pain Relief Exercise and Stretches

knee pain relief

Assuming there’s one part of your body that needs more love as you age, it’s your knees. These joints are pivotal since they bear the majority of the load in your body and are a basic part of the least difficult everyday exercises like strolling, going up steps, and surprisingly plunking down and standing up, … Read more

Injury Prevention: Three Cool Down Steps for Runners

Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention Introduction: Whenever we perform intensification physical activity, we do a warmup first. Warming up is nothing more than preparing the body mentally and physically for your intended activity and for Injury Prevention. Increased heart rate and increased blood flow facilitate greater oxygen transport to the muscles during warming up. Additionally, a warm-up activates … Read more