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Best Knee Replacement Surgeon in Jaipur

Knee Replacement Surgeon in Jaipur

Are you wondering which knee replacement Doctor in Jaipur to consult for your knee replacement surgery? Well, we introduce you to one of the reputed knee replacement surgeons in Jaipur, Dr. J.P. Maheshwari. 

Dr. JP Maheshwari is one of the best knee replacement surgeons in Jaipur and is well-versed with the latest techniques of knee replacement surgery. He has 17 years of experience and has done numerous successful surgeries. 

 When it comes to success rate, Dr. Maheswari always delivers his best, and his patients report a quick rehab. He is one of the reputed doctors in Jaipur who uses minimally invasive surgery to perform knee replacement surgeries, reducing pain and discomfort and speeding up recovery time.

 Before we mention more about knee replacement in Jaipur, Let us focus briefly on Knee replacement.

What is Knee Replacement?

Knee replacement surgery, also popularly known as knee arthroplasty, is a surgical method in which the impaired site of the knee joint is emptied and supplanted with synthetic components. The synthetic joint may be made of materials such as metal, plastic, ceramic, or a combination of such materials. It helps in relieving pain, improving function and quality of life.

The parts of total knee replacement include patella (kneecap), femur (thighbone), tibia (shinbone), tibial component (tibial tray), and femoral component (femur head).

Why is Knee Replacement Surgery Suggested?

Your knee replacement doctor in Jaipur may recommend surgery if you face any pain or disability in the knee. People facing conditions such as osteoarthritis are likely to get knee replacement surgery. It is a state in which a deterioration of joint cartilage injures both bones and cartilage, resulting in the restriction of movement. 

Some people also face a severe degenerative joint disease that limits their everyday activities and causes much pain. Other than that, some individuals may experience distinct conditions of arthritis, which may result in knee damage or deterioration of the knee joint leading to torn ligament for Irreversible damage to the joints. In this type of condition, knee replacement surgery is an effective measure.

If you face similar issues, it is best to consult your knee replacement doctor in Jaipur and take the right advice for the treatment.

Types of Knee Replacement Surgery:

It is best to know about surgeries when you consider getting any replacement surgery from a knee replacement surgeon in Jaipur.

Total Knee Replacement Surgery: 

A total knee replacement replaces the entire joint, including the femur (thigh bone), tibia (shin bone), patella (kneecap), and the ligaments holding the bones together. The prosthesis consists of two main parts: a metallic stem that protrudes from the skin and natural-looking components resembling thigh bone, shinbone, and kneecap.

Partial knee replacement Surgery: 

Partial knee replacement is a procedure applicable when the cartilage or articular surface of the patellofemoral joint is damaged but not destroyed. It is a procedure standard among those with osteoarthritis and is a less invasive alternative to total knee replacement. The surgery helps alleviate pain caused by arthritis and improves mobility in the affected knee. 

Your knee replacement doctor in Jaipur would recommend the treatment type depending on your condition.

What is The Procedure of Knee Replacement Like?

As soon as you think about the knee replacement surgery, you may get worried about the procedure. When you go for the knee replacement in Jaipur, then it is right to say that the process may depend upon the condition and also on the practices of the doctor.

  • The knee replacement surgeon in Jaipur may give you general anesthesia during the surgery process. 
  • The health expert will make an incision or cut in the site. After the incision or cut, the specialist will clear the knee joint( the impaired area) and supersede it with a prosthesis. 
  • After replacing it with a prosthesis, the doctor will close the incision with the help of stitches or staples. After that, the doctor will apply a dressing, and with this, the procedure comes to an end.

What Preparation Should I do Before The Surgery?

Before going for the knee replacement in Jaipur, it is best to prepare for the surgery to be complete without facing any complications. 

  • Before the procedure, your Knee replacement surgeon in Jaipur will provide you with some instructions that you need to heed a few weeks before the surgery.
  • You need to hold a suitable diet and work out daily as per the instructions of the health expert a few weeks before the therapy/ surgery.
  • Suppose you have any allergies or are taking any medicine. In that circumstance, you should consult with your surgeon. It can help in eradicating the possibility of difficulties during the process. 
  • Before the procedure, the patient should not consume alcohol or smoke at least a few weeks before the treatment.

Are There any Complications?

When it comes to the complications during or after the knee replacement procedure, then it is right to say that it has its share of benefits and risks. Some difficulties that you may face are infection, Loss of Motion, fractures, unexpected bleeding, discomfort in the site(Knee), nerve impairment in the site around the knee joint, deep vein thrombosis, and more.

It relies upon the healthcare provider’s knowledge and expertise to eradicate the chances of complications. That is why you should always go for an experienced knee replacement surgeon in Jaipur.

How Can Dr. J.P. Maheshari Help in Knee Replacement?

Dr. J.P. is a recognized knee replacement surgeon in Jaipur who delivers patients shorter hospital stays and faster recuperation time than traditional knee replacement surgeries. Dr. Maheshwari is a world-class knee replacement surgeon and joint care specialist performing advanced knee replacement surgery, hip replacement surgery, shoulder replacement surgery, total joint replacement, and revision surgeries. He uses the latest surgical processes such as minimally intrusive surgery for minimal scarring and more rapid patient healing. He has performed many complex surgeries.  Dr. JP Maheshwari is the best knee replacement surgeon in Jaipur who has a vital accord with his patients and is a professional in executing knee surgeries. He has performed thousands of surgeries for knee replacements, and hence, he is one of the best knee replacement surgeons in Jaipur. If you are thinking of getting a knee replacement in Jaipur, then choosing Dr. Maheshwari for the treatment is the right decision that you won’t regret.

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Frequently Ask Questions:

There are no certain ways to tell when you should undergo knee replacement surgery. The main reason to use it is pain. Still, it might be time for an operation if you have tried every other non-operative treatment, including lifestyle remedies, anti-inflammatory medication, physical therapy, and shots. A knee replacement surgeon in Jaipur will carry out thorough examinations and recommend. It can also be beneficial to get some other people’s opinions too.

In most circumstances, you will be able to continue driving approximately four weeks after surgery. You must be off pain medications and not experience any adverse side effects to drive. Your knee replacement specialist in Jaipur may prescribe certain lifestyle activities that assure the best recovery possible for you; this may include restricting your use of a vehicle or other motorized transportation for the time being.

If you’ve had a knee replacement, you must keep that joint well-maintained and healthy. But it’s also important to avoid a routine in which you do such things as quickly as possible. It’s also essential that during this time of recovery, you make sure to listen to what your knee replacement surgeon in Jaipur has to say about specific exercises for your new joint before taking the plunge with a mixed martial arts class, for example!

Your knee replacement specialist in Jaipur will follow your care throughout your surgery. It is recommended that you follow up with your surgeon and physician assistant in the hospital two to four weeks after surgery.

If you notice your knee replacement is infective, you will want to contact your knee replacement doctor in Jaipur immediately. This may cause: 100 F (37.8 C) fever, chills, draining from the surgical site, increasing redness, tenderness, and swelling in the knee. An infected knee replacement may require surgery to remove the artificial parts, followed by antibiotics that kill the infection so that it can heal completely. It will be replaced again with a new one.

Most patients take a bath on the second day after surgery. You’ll want to return home from the hospital with a comfortable plastic seat, preferably with back support, that you can sit on in the shower. It’s always recommended that you consult with your actual knee replacement specialist in Jaipur before going under the knife, though, because everyone is different, and what worked for someone else won’t necessarily work.

Depending on your work type, you can expect to return anywhere between four and six weeks after surgery. If your job requires a lot of lifting and physical activity (e.g., a construction worker or landscaper), it may take up to three months until you are fully recovered enough to resume work again. Your knee replacement doctor in Jaipur will also be able to tell you exactly how long it will take until you can return to work and what limitations there may be on your duties while recovering!

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