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Best Sports Injury Doctor in Jaipur

Best Sports Injury Doctor in Jaipur

Finding the best sports injury Doctor in Jaipur is the right thing to do when you feel pain as your life becomes a nightmare. If you are not sure which specialist to contact, then we present you to one of the sports injury specialists in Jaipur. Dr. JP Maheshwari is India’s most renowned and experienced sports injury specialist. 

He has been delivering spectacular results for over 17 years now, with a proven track record of success. His treatment protocols are tested, and he considers nursing patients getting back to their activities as soon as possible. 

 Before we discuss why you should trust this best sports injury Doctor in Jaipur, let us know more about sports injury in detail here:

What Exactly is a Sports Injury?

Sports injuries happen during any sports activity and mainly affect athletes and those who participate in sports, training, or any exercise. Sports injuries occur when a person overtrains, practices improperly while performing a task, or lacks conditioning. 

Sports damages are diverse from any additional damage because the athletes place lots of strain on the body, due to which sometimes it can fray and pull the muscles, bone, joints, tendons, ligaments, and the meniscus.

Who is Prone to Such Injuries?

As per some of the best sports injury surgeons in Jaipur, Sports damages usually affect people in any field of games, i.e., athletes. Also, they involve more to another species of athletes, which are weekend athletes ( doing sports only on weekends). 

These kinds of athletes are more prone to injuries because of their sedentary work week, and all of a sudden, they do sports activities on the weekend. 

A person is at risk of sports injuries when:-

  • when he is not regularly active
  • when he doesn’t warm up before exercise 
  • when he plays contact sports.

Sports injuries are common in children, but adults can have them too. So it is best to be cautious while performing such movements. 

Types of Sports Injury:

Sports injury difficulties, prevention, and therapy rely upon different injuries. The most typical class of sports injuries are:-

Sprains:  It is an injury that appears due to the stretching of the ligament or exertion of the ligament.  

Strain:– It is a sprain that causes when a muscle or tendon is overstretched or torn. Muscle strain/muscle pull is one of the most common sports injuries when a force tears. Muscle strain mainly affects the muscles, which are calf muscle (gastrocnemius and soleus), groin, quadriceps, shoulder, and lower back muscles. 

Torn ACL- An anterior cruciate ligament enables to stabilize the knee and preserve the knee joint together. When ACL occurs, it limits the activity occurred by the knee and is distressing, and the capability to walk is also restricted. The injury occurs when something is directly hit on the knee or incorrectly landing or quickly changes or stops the direction. 

Stress fracture- stress fracture is also an overuse injury that happens when the muscle cannot handle the tension anymore, due to which rupture takes place. The most expected place where the rupture appears is in the lower leg and feet, and female athletes are more inclined to this injury compared to male athletes.

Torn MCL: Mcl, also known as medial collateral ligament, connects the femur to the tibia. MCL injury occurs when knees are pushed sideways, and it is treated with ice compression, sports physiotherapy under a sports physiotherapist, and braces.

Shin splints, a common injury found in runners, are overuse injuries that commonly occur in the shin area and the inside lower leg. Athletes who have flat feet are more prone to this injury.

Plantar fasciitis- Plantar fasciitis emerges when the plantar fascia acquires inflamed, linking the heel to the front of the foot. Putting too much stress and pressure on the fascia causes plantar fasciitis. It is the reason behind this injury, which is treated by NSAID’s ( non -steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), rest, icing, and some stretching exercise. It is treated by surgery, sports physiotherapy, and cortisone injection in chronic cases.

Tennis elbow- tennis elbow is also an overuse injury when a tendon named lateral epicondylitis, located outside the elbow, is overused. This type of injury happens to cricketers and racket players. In severe cases, surgery is needed, and it can also be treated by NSAIDs, rest, brace, and stretching exercises.

Achilles tendonitis:– Achilles tendinitis is the inflammation of the Achilles tendon, which is located above the heel in the lower back of the leg. The pain worsens when physical activity is done, and it is usually treated by stretching, exercise, icing, rest, physical sports therapy, and anti-inflammatory drugs.

There are diverse injuries; to treat them, you should consult the best sports injury Doctor in Jaipur to heal soon.

Whom should I consult for my sports injury?

Sports physiotherapy can treat an injury, and it deals with injuries and physical issues related to sports athletes. Sports physiotherapist helps the athletes to provide better education and prevention from sports injuries and provide better recovery from any sports injury. 

Sports physiotherapists have specific knowledge of sports, and that’s why they help sports person/people have a rapid recovery. So, it is suitable for the therapy to confer the best sports injury Doctor in Jaipur. 

What is a treatment for sports injuries?

When we talk about the rehabilitation of any injury, Physiotherapy is a well-known branch that helps heal any damaged site. As per the best injury surgeon in Jaipur, the remedy of any injury relies upon the severity and class of injury you are facing. 

  • If the discomfort continues for more than a few days, then you should confer with your sports injury specialist in Jaipur. The cause behind this is that individuals often miscalculate ruptures as a sprain. So consulting the physician is the sensible thing to do.
  • At times restorative measure also comprises exercise that promotes flexibility and strength to return to your routine.
  • It is best not to play before completing the therapeutic process. If one does so, it may also result in severe damage and delay in recovery. It is suitable to sustain wellness with training that doesn’t involve any part of the body that is suffering from an injury.

How should one prevent sports injuries?

Isn’t it best to avoid such injuries in the future? There are several ways through which you can prevent sports injuries some of the tips that the best sports injury Doctor in Jaipur may instruct you are:

  • One should warm up adequately before proceeding to the extreme movements of the sport. It is best to incorporate warm-up routines before going for the actual sport. An athlete should warm up their body to preclude any sports damage while performing workouts or sports. Many people suffer from sports injuries because they neglect to warm up before exercising. 
  • It is most plausible to shield the fragile joints. one can do so by strapping them to eradicate the possibilities of injury.
  • One should sport an accurate variety of footwear and drink lots of liquid during and after the sports match. 
  • It is best to use protective gear such as helmets pads and use good form and tactics during the game.
  • One should not exert beyond their level of fitness. Instead, one should slowly improve the activity intensity to dodge any injury.
  • One should go for the write recovery time between the sessions and get regular checkups.
  • It is essential for the training to incorporate momentum and impact work so that the muscles can adapt to the need of the game.
Why Should You Choose Dr. JP Maheshwari?

When we mention any sports damage, it is proper to go only for your therapy for the best sports injury surgeon in Jaipur. The reason behind this is that a skilled professional will appropriately treat you with years of experience. 

Dr. JP Maheshwari is a well-established name for Orthopaedic Surgery in Rajasthan and one of the best sports injury doctors in Jaipur. He has extensive experience treating sports injuries and has had very successful results. 

He has over 17 years of experience in this field, specializing in treating athletes and other patients who lead a physically active lifestyle. Dr. Maheshwari can get you back on your feet as soon as possible through his expert treatment and recovery programs. So, now you know why you should reach out to him for all your sports injuries in Jaipur.

How Can We Help You?

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Frequently Ask Questions:

If the injury just involves a small bone, or if you’re dealing with an ankle fracture that has either been chipped or fractured off, then you may be able to walk/run and bear weight with discomfort, with it usually being treated by athletes who are sports injury specialists in Jaipur – though a surgical intervention may also be necessary for full healing.

A ligament injury can either be partial or complete. The treatment for each depends on the severity of the injury and whether or not surgery is required to restore stability to the joint. Ligaments provide stability for joints, so injuries to them can cause pain, swelling, and instability in a patient’s skeletal structure under stress.

In more serious ligament injuries, however, it may be necessary to receive reconstructive surgery to ensure that the damage is repaired or, if not possible, stabilized.

If you find that your muscles are too tight and need loosening, or if running is causing your knees to hurt, see a sports medicine physician.

Ice is effective in reducing pain, reducing swelling, itching, and helps to prevent discoloration of the skin for 48 hours after an injury. As per sports injury Doctor in Jaipur, in terms of location, ice application must be performed on specific body parts: each knee requires two treatments per day over 6-8 days during rest periods, while calves require one treatment per day over a period of 12-16 days. You should never apply ice directly to the skin but instead, utilize a cloth barrier between it and the affected area.

Injections and surgery are the most common forms of treatment when non-operative methods fail or are unlikely to allow a return to full activity. You should contact your sports injury specialist in Jaipur for more information.

Heat can help increase circulation and decrease stiffness. An example of this could be when an athlete is feeling stiff before practice or a game. Heat is also beneficial if your muscles are sore or achy, especially if you have a tight schedule and don’t have time to rest. This will allow the athlete to start moving around again as he/she won’t be in too much pain from the soreness or tight muscles as it speeds up blood circulation. 

However, heat shouldn’t be used for swollen areas as it promotes blood flow which wouldn’t help if there’s already too much blood being delivered to certain parts of the limb. For more details on the issue, get in touch with a sports injury specialist in Jaipur. 

People who’ve had hip surgeries should know that it takes around four to six months until they are fully recovered and can get back to doing things they love. Cartilage surgeries tend to be relatively shorter operations when compared with other types of orthopedic surgeries; their recovery takes between two to four weeks until full recovery.

Following surgery from a sports injury surgeon in Jaipur, it is advised that you take early recovery time off work, ensuring you aren’t back to your desk until at least two weeks have passed. After an injury of a ligament, it might be another month or so before you can get back to your regular activities at work.

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